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Moonstone Books is an American publishing company based in Chicago, Illinois. From 2002 until 2010 they published Phantom comic books, graphic novels and prose fiction.


Moonstone Books & Graphic Novels

Moonstone has released many Graphic Novels, including their first original Phantom release; collections of their regular comic series; and the famous hard-to-find Graham Nolan Sunday newspaper strip reprint collections. Get them here…

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Moonstone 1st Regular Series

The first regular series featured 26 issues and featured the famous ‘Invisible Children’ arc, written by Mike Bullock. This was also the first regular Phantom comic published by an American company for nearly twenty years and featured many talented people like Ben Raab, Pat Quinn, Chuck Dixon, Ruben Procopio and Nick Derrington. The series was collected into 4 trade paperbacks: ‘Death in the Deep Woods’, ‘Jungle Action’, ‘The Man Who Cannot Die’ and ‘Checkmate’.

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Moonstone Ghost Who Walks Series

The 2nd regular series, ‘The Ghost Who Walks’, was launched in February, 2009 with a special introduction issue. The stories in this series take place several years after the events in Moonstone’s first series. Each issue is available in several (up to four) different cover variants, of which one or more variants is usually available only in a limited number. All 12 issues were collected in the ‘Guardian of the Eastern Dark’ trade paperback.

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Moonstone Generations

Generations was a Phantom maxi-series published by Moonstone Books. It started in 2009 and featured “comic novellas” (not regular comic stories), starring previous generations of Phantoms. After 13 regular issues, a special issue ended the series. The entire series, as well as two previously unpublished stories, were collected into the ‘Generations’ trade paperback.

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Miscellaneous Moonstone Comics

All the other Moonstone comics including the ‘Unmasked’ and ‘Double Shot: KGB Noir’ series, the Annuals and the Holiday Specials, the ‘Julie Walker’ one-shot, and the Captain Action crossover.

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