Clothing & Apparel

The Phantom doesn’t just look good ON clothes… He is a fashion statement! Whether it’s formal wear, everyday casual clobber or bedroom attire…for those nights when you and Diana are alone in the Skull Cave. Make sure you check out our extensive range below.


Davenport is an iconic Australian brand which released all forms of clothing from ties, waist-coats, bedroom attire, shirts, hats and much more. The line has been out of shops for almost 20 years so grab what you can before they run out, as once they are sold here, you will have to take your chances on eBay.

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Shirt Store

An exciting new brand of T-shirts from Sweden. Good quality, nice designs and available for both men and women. Grab yours now as these are selling faster than we can supply them.

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Keep an eye out here for more out of production Phantom wear and some new, licensed product that we will be introducing this year.

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